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In Making Your Life Insurance Buying Choice:

1. Decide how much insurance protection you need and can afford. Make informed decisions when you buy a policy. Choose the kind of policy that has benefits that most closely fit your needs.
2. Ask an agent or company to help you. The service and reputation of the company and the agent you select is important.
3. Review the application carefully with the agent; be sure all the answers are complete and accurate before you sign.

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4. Don't buy life insurance unless you intend to stick with your plan. Your decision to protect your family may involve the purchase of a new policy or the replacement of existing coverage.

Good Intentions
The right path?

5. Although replacement can be beneficial, it may be very costly in the early years of a new policy if you cancel an existing policy. Don't drop one policy and buy another without a thorough evaluation of both the new policy and the one you have now

Caveat emptor; Let the buyer beware

6. Read your policy carefully! Delaware law requires a company to provide a “free look period” that begins at the delivery of the policy. The agent should explain anything not clear to you.

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